Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIWW & A Giveaway Link!

 I am linking with The Pleated Poppy again to show you my What I Wore Wednesday.

Brown Cardigan: Old Navy
Cream Top: Old Navy
Skirt: George Thrift Find
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Earrings: Brighton
Thought: I love this skirt. I just found it for $6. I knew I need to wear more necklaces and I paid an arm & a leg for this one, so I thought I might night to wear it.

Mustard Sweater: Mossimo Thrift Find
Cream Tank: Mossimo @ Target
Jeans: Levis
Apartment 9
from Kohl’s
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Earrrings: Premier Design
Thought: I love mustard. The color, not the condiment-can’t stand the condiment. I found this for $4 at goodwill with the tags still on it. I didn’t care for the way it hung in the picture so I just buttoned the top button and left the others open.

Got lazy…pretty much the same outfit in the morning as last Saturday for football which was rained out. Then Saturday night I wore my outfit below that I also wore on Tuesday.

Lazy again…see Wednesday…that is what I wore to church.

Jean Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Teal Shirt: Mossimo @Target
Lace Tank: Coldwater Creek
Capris: Macy’s over a year ago
Earrings: Funky Vintage Kitchen – see below for more info!
Flip Flops: Target
Thoughts: I felt like crap this morning and it was a Monday. I really need to give away those capris because they are at least 1 size too big for me and make my butt look huge.

Jean Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Cream Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Moreno Thrift Find
Shoes: American Eagle at Payless
Earrings: Funky Vintage Kitchen…see below
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Thoughts: That jean jacket has become a uniform since we have had a “cold snap – 70s” in North Texas. I love that skirt again Goodwill for $6. It was a good goodwill day last week.

Black Top: Moreno @ Target
Skirt: George Thrift Find
Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s
Earrings: Premier Designs
Thoughts: I meant to wear another black shirt with this, but I felt a little too chubby for it. I love the print on this skirt, but I really need a slip.

Overall it was a good clothing week. I REALLY need a different way to take pictures. I have been doing my best to not wear the same uniform to work, but you know what? They haven’t notice a thing. No “is that I new skirt?” I will survive. JAG is getting tried of me saying “Do you think this”? His response is always “yeap looks good.” Of course good is not enough so I say “is that it…just good?” He rolls his eyes and kisses me on the forehead.

I have two pair of earrings that are my favorite right now. I want to tell you about one pair – my cream rose earrings! Not only are they so cute and go with most of my outfits they are made by one of my most favorite bloggers – April!!! I am so glad I found her, she is wonderful!

Now you know if you read my blog I never force you to do anything – I just nudge you along. I am Nudging you to go visit April’s blog. She is having a giveaway. Hello? Don’t we all just love those? And trust me her things a so cute and not expensive at all. I bought these cream earring as a reward to myself of losing five pounds.

I now want…this Apron

These Mustard – Hello! Mustard Earrings!

And this Flower!

Be looking out Miss April I am placing an order this week!!!


  1. Love this lil fashionista. Lookin good my friend!!!

  2. Cute stuff! I really like those flip flops from Walmart. I have never looked at their shoes before - I guess I should start!
    See you next week,

  3. Love your smile in the pictures! And, thanks for the love. Good luck!!

  4. LOVE your skirts!!! thx for the nudge!

  5. Love all your outfits & accessories!
    p.s. now I want that apron! adorable!

  6. Cute skirt and great smile! Thanks for sharing.
    I have a "Bejeweled Wednesdays" link up for gals like you who like to coordinate jewelry into their outfits. I'd love it if you'd add your link to it and share in the sharing of accessorizing ideas!
    Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot

  7. Great skirts. I love the color mustard, too. I didn't really think I could wear it, but I like it. The apron is adorable! It makes me want to bake :)

  8. You are looking super cute! Very well put together!! Have a great rest of the week!

  9. Popping over from The pleated poppy.

    You find some awesome deals! Chic $6 skirt! :)

    Just Better Together


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