Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday: It’s a Start

So I have been sitting on doing this project for three weeks. Today when I got dress I thought maybe today will be the day that I start, I mean it is Wednesday. In order to post though I would need a full week, so I would start taking pictures today and then post next Wednesday. My planes changed when I went onto The Pleated Poppy, I was so happy to see that I was not alone with being bashful in front of the camera and that Lindsey battles with the camera also.

After the week I have had and my battle with the camera which I blogged about on SkinnyTart! Here. I thought it was time. Even if I just posted one picture, I have to do this. I have to get over my issues.

So here it is.

Blue Top: Old Navy Goodwill Find
Tank: Mossimo at Target
Pants: Christopher Banks- 6 years old
 and with a 10 lb weight loss I can get back into them!
They have big cuffs on the bottom-love that.
Sandals: Walmart. Yeap bought them about 5 years ago.

Breathe out! That wasn’t that bad…still don’t love it, but it will get better. Note to self: purchase a full-length mirror for home…no more work bathroom pics.

Want to try it or Want to see what everyone else is wearing? Go visit The Pleated Poppy.


  1. Way to go, good for you for joining us! It's kinda scary eh?! I love those sandals and your beautiful pedi too!

  2. Hey, good for you! I think I'm going to try to link up next week. Kinda nervous ;) But, really, I'm so glad you did it. Now, my turn.

    Nice toesies, too!

  3. Good for you! It does get easier and it's fun to see what everyone else is wearing. I don't have a full length mirror either... I have to set the self timer on my camera for every pic.


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