Thursday, September 23, 2010

If You Don’t Go Crazy

If you don’t get rid of him
or go crazy in the next two years he will be a good dog.

That is what the attendant said a few months ago when I picked Duke up from the vet. I laughed – I am not laughing now.

He will be a good dog.

That is what JAG keeps repeating emphasizes on the will.

I was so wrong to ever think that Shelby tested my patience. Just when I think that he has pushed me to my limit he does something else.

“Dukes breath smells really fresh” – Well that is because he chewed up an entire tube of toothpaste.

“How did you get to the bread?” – Well Duke can stand up and reach the back of the counter top already.

“How did the plant that was on the table get eaten?” – Well Duke can climb up on the table without a chair being pulling out.

Anytime there is a large crash or something breaking you will 99% of the times see Duke standing near by. His paws are huge and his legs are long and he hasn’t learned how to use them properly.

He makes me want to scream on a daily basis.

But then…he is adorable. He does the cutest things and I forget for a time what a pain he is and I say “good dog Duke.”

blurry cellphone pic taken by Shelby


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