Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happiness Project

My Happiness=Shelby!

This weekend Shelby cheered at her first game. She did beautifully even though it was hot and her mother completely spaced about sunscreen.

She did so well that her coach plans to move her to the front row so that other girls can follow after her.
JAG made sure to tell me that I am not the coach, guess I was giving a little too much advice during the game. Since then I keep repeating “I will not be a stage mom…I will not be a stage mom.”



  1. I understand the coach frm the side lines thing.
    I just became my daughters coach and then I am not a back stage mom... I would get upset with the coaches for being to hard on the girls. So I have been coaching for three years and I am a laid back coach. It is HOT outside and they are still young. Im glad she is doing so well!!

  2. Cute pictures. Looks like she is having fun!

  3. Be the stage mom and be one with pride!! There's no shame in it.


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