Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happiness Project: My Father

My parents have been staying with me for a few weeks. It’s been different. They have taken over my house and that is all I am going to say about that. That is not my happiness…haha…sorry mom.

My happiness is getting to see the pictures of my dad ringing the bell at MD Anderson once he completed all of his cancer treatment! This was a few months ago, but last week was my first opportunity to see them!

Here he is

That funky thing in his hand is his radiation mask...it's creepy looking to me.
Doesn’t he look different without the mustache? It’s actually not as hard as I was to see him hairless. As you remember from this post it was very sad for me.

And here is the inscription on the bell.

Thank you MD Anderson for making my not so big anymore Daddy well!

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  1. That is certainly a perfect subject for happiness! Trust your dad continues in his recovery for many, many years to come!

  2. Yeah for your dad....they don't have anything like that at Texas Oncology, but there is alot of warmth and family feeling in the area. My dad has his chemo for a few more months, not a cure, but should arrest it...for a while ~MCF

  3. Oh how Awesome!! I bet the ringing of the bell was sheer happiness... Good luck to your Father and many more years... What a trooper! :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. WONDERFUL! And I just love the bell ringing and the poem. What a great idea.


  5. Oh how wonderful! I love the bell and the poem, and your dad looks very proud ringing it!(as he should be!)

  6. Yay...this is wonderful. My dad is having a colonoscopy tomorrow and I'm trying not to fear the worst...glad to see these joyful pictures.

  7. So glad your dad is doing well. The bell is a great idea.

  8. Here's to many more years of happiness and health! :)

  9. That is a very happy post!! I'm very happy for your family!

  10. That is so powerful. I bet he has never been so happy to hear a bell ringing.

  11. Having been down the cancer and chemo road myself, that is a very happy day for your dad and your family....and you too!!! :-)


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