Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happiness Project: Big Screen and Girly Movies!

This week I am house and dog sitting at JAG’s. This is usually the week where something goes wrong-a dog gets sick, a dog eats a bird or something in the house breaks to the point of a repair call. It is inevitable that something stressful happens when it is me alone with one child and three dog children.

Well, JAG’s solution to my stressful week – put the large (but not large enough for the living room) TV in the bedroom with a DVD (he calls “dove du”) player. This way I can go to sleep each night watching on of my favorite girly movies.

Without giving you the drama that has already occurred and it’s on Tuesday, I will say that this DVD player and extra large (42”)- my largest is a 26” in my living room- TV has been a stress relieving life saver!

I have enough girly movies – that JAG cannot stand – to last me for the rest of the week!  In the picture you can see some of my favorites. I would have Steel Magnolia’s in the mix, but Shelby has hid it somewhere. She calls it her movie because she believes she has staring role in it. She has never seen it all the way through so she doesn’t know that Shelby dies. Yes, I named my daughter after a girly movie- don’t watch tear jerker’s while you are a pregnant.

What is your favorite stress relieving girly movie?

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  1. I really like your stack of choices, although 'P.S. I love you was better as a book. I love the movies 'While You Were Sleeping', 'Only You','Sleepless in Seattle', ALL 8 of the Love's Saga movies based on Janette Okes' inspirational novels....just to name a FEW!! LOL ~MCF

  2. Oh fun!! I love girly movies... I see my favorite on your list... PS I love you! now I wanna go watch it :) Happy tuesday!

  3. I love Steel Magnolias! And Moonlight and Valentino.


  4. I love Out of Africa. I bawl like a baby whenever I watch it.


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