Friday, September 24, 2010

Grammy is on Facebook!

Watch out World! Grammy got herself a facebook. It started all on accident (or so she says) my Aunt sent her a link to pictures which lead my mom unbeknownst to her into the setup stages for a facebook account.

She flipped – you know since my father thinks everything on the interent will give him a virus- and she quickly closed out of the screen, but it was too late she was official. I spent the next month messaging family members saying “mom is not ignoring your friend request…she didn’t mean to setup her account.” I also have spent the last 6 months reading to my mother status updates from her sisters, bother in-law, niece and nephews – it was a hard job, but someone had to keep her in the loop.

Thinking back I am not sure how it came to play, but I believe I was angry that she would not read my blog so I said “That’s it I am giving you my old laptop. That way you can go wherever you want!” The time came this week to pass it over and to really setup her facebook account. Not sure if any of you have done this for your parents, but it is interesting. My mother is from the IT world, she spent 25+ years there, so I don’t have to tell her how to double click or search – that is a relief. I updated her name, added a profile picture, accepted all her old friend requests and then linked her up with family.

You should have seen the four of us-me sitting in-between my parents, Shelby next to my mom and the dog- as I took them through the “This Facebook” tutorial. We looked at other people, searched for people and told her how to type status updates. The entire time my father acting like he wasn’t totally interested and wanting a facebook, too. I bet you money he will be on within the year and probably making tacky comments on all my posts – because that is his way of saying I love you!

She is up and running! Yay! There were a few minor changes though – she could not stand that it said she was “interested in men.” I tried to explain it, but just decided to hide that field.

I did give her some advice:

  1. Learn my x-mother in-law’s mistake – if you are friends with two people then don’t write anything tacky about person D on person A’s wall because person D can see it and it will start a huge x-family feud – Remember?
  2. I gave her her own advice back – don’t put anything on facebook that you wouldn’t want your mother to read.
  3. Be nice – no one likes mean tacky facebook friends.
  4. Watch your political posts – they can make other friends mad.
  5. Post pictures!!!! And make sure to tag people, but not me especially if I am having a chubby day.
Actually, some of those I just thought of and since she is now reading my blog, too (Everyone say Hi to my Mom!) she can read them herself.

Dear Mom – I think you will have a blast on facebook! If I am not available your grandson is a facebook pro – Shelby is sooooo jealous, but still way too young for facebook!

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  1. Dana, LOVE your post, and Hi Mom!
    My mom is intrigued by my constant comments, that I knew what her nephew in AL was involved and that his son was 5. That her niece in Garland had just celebrated her birthday.... I talk about it alot, and that I get to see pictures....I am seriously thinking of finding the funds to purchase her an inexpensive laptop so she can get online, and maybe even Skype with her niece in OK
    BTW you did a great job writing this blog...funny, entertaining and insightful!
    Love ya! ~ MCF


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