Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blended Families

As I drove into work this morning I listened to Paula Dean’s autobiography, It Ain't All About The Cookin'. I was listening to her advice on blending families, she didn’t have the easiest time blending hers when she married Michael, but she survived. Hearing her stories made me think about my soon to be blended family and our struggles.

I have to say I really didn’t think that this would be as difficult as it is, but JAG’s children are so spoiled. You see they ruled the roost for the past 9 plus years. His youngest son, Moby, is mean, rude, and does not play well with others. His breathe stinks and his body odor is even worse some days. He has no care for your personal space and he loves to breathe right in your face. Also did I mention he was spoiled?

Yes I am talking about a dog. I am also talking about two dogs I love and adore. You see JAG and I have no issues blending our human family, but there have been so hiccups blending our canine/rodent family.

I bring to the mix one 8 month old 60 pound boxer puppy, Duke, and a year old hamster, Jackson (or Jack or Jack-Jack or crazy hamster).

JAG brings a 9+ (not sure) miniature schnauzer, Gus, and one 7+ (again not sure) miniature schnauzer who is an Alpha – with a capital A- male, Moby.

Let me say right now my children (including the human) are no dream, remember this post just last week? Duke is a handful and a half – especially since he ate an entire bag of rolls last night. And that Jack is trouble too. Little info on him – he is picky about food. He dumps and entire bowl of food out and picks through it until he finds the pieces he likes best. Also you can not sit anything by his cage because he will pull it in and tear it up. He has no fear. He has been known to roll over a cat while in his big plastic ball. So, my children have just as much attitude as JAGs – especially the human one.

I never imagined the excitement and trauma the four of them would bring to this relationship.

First – Duke and Moby in regards to personal space. You see Beau learned pretty quickly before he passed away (not by the hands of Moby) that Moby could care less about anyone else’s personal space, but you better not dare get into his. He is serious about this – don’t step on him, breathe on him, lick him or smell him. Duke can’t seem to understand this and goes back time and time again to say “hello.”
Next – Moby and Jack – Jack stays at JAG’s house, in his office because there is not place at my home to put him where Duke can’t reach and still give Jack the view he prefers. He is the office because Moby lets out the loudest highest pitched bark every time he seems him. It’s like he is screaming “RODENT!”

Duke and Gus – Gus is laid back, mainly because Moby has beat the poo out of him for the seven plus years they have been together, but the one thing that irritates him most is Duck standing over him. Duke hovers over him constantly as if to say “yes, I am taller than you.”

That is them together…individually they are all crazy. I am going to single out just one because it never fails he does his weird stuff when his father is gone. I so hate to put this out in public and defame JAG’s son, but I feel it need to be said…
This picture was taken to prove his crime to his father and now the world.
Moby is a murderer.

It is awful and I know the PETA people are probably going crazy right now, but that is his bread (or so I am told). And he is proud of it therefore he prefers to be called “Killer” and shakes his tail in excitement every time I say it. Normally it is birds, as seen in the picture above. This past weekend it was a squirrel who decided to bite back. Don’t worry Moby is fine. The squirrel I hate to say did not make out as well as Moby. No reason to cringe I was freaking out too bad to snap a picture of the scene.

So my family is blending with JAG’s and it is interesting, a little scary (especially for Jack) and can be pretty traumatic at times, but I think we will make it as long as Moby keeps his killing to when his father is at home.

Just so you know...I love love love Moby. Love the sinner not the sin, right? 

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