Monday, September 27, 2010

Am I Allowed to Start the Countdown?

When I got engaged I promised myself that this blog would not become a wedding blog. I really didn’t think you needed to see the cake, oh wait I posted that on the other blog.

I do believe though that I should be able to make at least one post a month about the fact that I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!! Had you heard? At it is now…

33 days away!

Pay no attention to the ticker on my side bar…I think it may be a little off. So, 33 days until I get put on the cute shoes and carry that bouquet down the aisle.

Am I stressed? Ummmm…a little. Today I got an email from and the subject line read: Biggest Wedding Worries, Looking Old and Entrance Songs. Seems like most people worry about food and that it will taste like poo or that their picky eater family won’t be happy. I am sorry to say to my friends and my family I am not worried about the food.  I have to admit there was a little debate on what we should serve…JAG won. If you don’t like the food go see him. Seriously, though, I am not worried about the food. I really do not think that anyone that I know will walk up to me and say “ummm Dana this food is nasty.”

People also worry about their cake. Not me…not at all. If the cake I get on my wedding is half as good as the sample we had I will be fine. It is sooooo good. Skip the buffet…wait for the cake.

I am really not sure why I am worried or what my worry is about. I think I just want the day to get here. Not that I want that exact day to fly by, but I think the longer I wait for the day to get her the more worried (and more hives) I get. Yeap…hives. I think it is life stress in general, not wedding stress that has caused my current condition, but this Casper the Friendly Ghost White Girl is a bit worried about having Big Red Blotchy Hive showing during my special day. Breathe in Breathe out.

Yes, I have fallen into that “I want everything to be perfect trap,” but don’t worry I pull myself out on a daily basis by remember it isn’t about you. Heehe! Really it isn’t though – it is about me and JAG. I should be worried about him and he should be worried about me. Seems unfair to him, huh? He is always laid back and calm and I can be a little…you know sometimes.

I want to remember the details of the day. I want to do special things that make us unique – that shouldn’t be too hard since we are already a little unique.

Writing this has helped me realize I really don’t have a lot to stress about, but there is one thing that I do need – MUSIC!

What is your favorite wedding song?

Picture above is by my super talented photographer. Go visit her site here. If you are local she has Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch Specials!!!!

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  1. My hubby and I really liked a song by the Beatles that I really don't hear alot... it's not a wedding son, but it was something that we really liked when we were dating. We didn't have a big fancy wedding with buffet and music and dancing. We got married in our house! We covered the tournament pool table with a white cloth and put the groom's cake and wedding cake on it, then had some fruit trays, and meat & cheese trays for a mini reception. I say mini coz the next day...a Sat. we had a HUMONGOUS bar-b-que reception...all the immediate family, cousins, friends from his two jobs and my job! So our wedding was a two night deal! No honeymoon till a couple of weeks later when his college roommate got married in Amarillo! LOL
    Enjoy your day! love ya! ~~ MCF


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