Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been sitting here (well not right here) for the past 20 hours on my hands. I start to type-then I backspace-then I type-then I close the document. I am torn. There was a post of facebook yesterday that I think I should address, but it was not posted by me. I am not sure if me saying anything would make anything better or it would make me come across as a Christian Hypocrite (you know how I feel about that word).

What would you do?

You know that even though the person was probably justified, they are so spreading things about Christianity and beliefs that are not 100% true. Do you sit? Do you type? Do you email that person? Do you post a blog to get out your frustration and maybe they will read it?

Just plain torn and it’s not like me to not have a comment on something I feel passionately about. Hmmmm…maybe tomorrow.

P.S. my mom thinks Facebook is where all evil lives…some days I think she is correct, but some days I think it is awesome.

Oh P.S.S. I am going to doctor at 3:20 pm –I know…odd time. I am almost positive I have a kidney stone…urgh…meh…cry. So if you pray please pray. And if you think positive thoughts please think. And if you do neither it’s ok…I thank you for reading, though.

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