Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Where Would I Be…

Without these two people.

Nope, they are not my parents, but if my family believed in God Parents, these two would probably be mine. This is my Aunt Becky and Uncle Kenny. Aren’t they adorable!?!

Let’s start with my Uncle Kenny. This man has saved me many times and I appreciate him so much. My first memories of him were sitting on the sofa looking through JCPenney catalogs, you know those really think ones they had back in the day. I used to have a thing for catalogs and my Uncle Kenny would sit and flip through them with me. Man, I was young like 6 or 7. I remember he seemed like a giant to be back then. He is still is super tall, but I have caught up to him a bit.

When I got older (18 or 19) I had an awful clunker of a Honda Accord as my first car. It was a piece of poo, but it was mine. It never failed that my car would break down or blow black smoke out of the hood when my mom was out of town, so my Uncle Kenny would always come to my rescue. The men at his shop spent many an hour working on the piece of junk until finally I got rid of it – thank goodness.

My love for cars that were built prior to the 1970s comes from this man. Let’s just say I like they way they look on the outside, but I have no clue about what is under the hood. I tell people I know nothing about cars that is what my Uncle Kenny is for.

Today, even though I am a grown adult, I know that if I have an issue even if it is not car related that I can call on him to help me. I am so very thankful to have him and I am not sure if I have ever told him, but I love him very much!

Now let’s move to his beautiful wife, my Aunt Becky. Oh man, I get a little teary eyed with this one. Becky is my mother’s older sister. Little history: my father has no siblings, so the only aunts, uncles and cousins I have come from my mother.

I have been blessed to have grown closer to my Aunt with age. I think when I was younger and rebellious we had our differences, but as I have matured I have been so lucky to have her.

Again, I could call on her for anything and she would be right there for me. I am so grateful to have that. It hit home that I meant something to her a few January’s ago when she showed up at my house right when I needed her (they both did). I am not going to go into details, but I am not sure she knows how much it meant to me to know that she cared so much about me at that moment. Urgh..tears…sorry. Breathe…ok I am good.

Let me just say that my love of vintage everything (that JAG isn’t sure how he feels about) comes from this woman. We could spend hours (especially since she got herself a brand new knee) walking through antiques. My favorite thing is the line she gives me each time she gives me something she knows I love, but hates to part with herself. She says “Now I am going to give you this, but you are not allowed to get rid of it.” Which I quickly answers “yes ma’am” to before she changes her mind.

I really hope that God blesses me with a niece, so that I can pass down recipes and items that my Aunt has shared with me. I also hope that God blesses me someday with another girl because her name will be Rebecca…urgh…more tears! I love you Aunt Becky!

I think my Aunt and Uncle are a matched pair. I could never imagine my life without the both of them. No words could ever express the love I have for them and how blessed I am to never be alone even though I live so far from my parents and my sister. I am one lucky girl!

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