Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love Getting Mutliple Reminders

Have you ever had one of those days where you were meant to hear something? Someone (mostly like the man upstairs) needed to drill something in your head and he was going to use multiple people to make that happen.

I hate to admit, but I gotta keep it real, that my lack of blogging is partially caused by my lack of thinking I have anything of value to share with you. I get into these, “who really cares about my useless rambling”…I know. Then I sit back and remember – I am not doing this for you (sorry), but for me and mostly for Shelby. Yikes…as soon as I typed that I thought they may have been tacky. I am in a tacky mood today, much like yesterday- I beat myself up at SkinnyTart.

Yesterday my oh-so wise future father in-law who would like to now be called JAGdad posted a beautiful blog that ended with “God does bless, keep, smile upon, and give us peace. He has blessed us to be a blessing to others." I love that sentence; I love the entire blog, but that one sentence…man.

No, this blog is not a suck-up blog for JAGdad…well not completely (big smile).

Later in the day I was watching video blogs from other wonderful people who are on this weight loss journey with me. One absolutely awesome woman did an entire blog about how we are God’s gift to this world and to others and how we should treat ourselves like that. See…that was Him again make sure I got the first hint.

Then by the afternoon I realized I had a new reader from South Korea. WoooHoo! I had to change the map to show the city dots just so I could see that little dot all the way to the right. And to be honest (my father would be so disappointed) I had no idea where South Korea was on the map.

I love all my readers! Thank you! I really do hope that I provide you with something each day. You are a gift to me and I hope I am the same for you!

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