Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bees' Knees!

Dear JAG –

Have I told you lately that you make me so happy? I think you are the bees’ knees-good thing huh? Things would suck if I didn’t.

I sent God a little thank you note last night when you were more patient – then I could ever be- with Shelby and that dang harder then anything word search she had to do for school. Seriously, who gives a fourth grade a word search that difficult?

Thank you! I have a long list of thank yous…ready?

Thank you for

…putting up with the drama-I still think that it comes from Shelby more then me, but…urgh…no comment!

…for telling me to breathe

…for making me drink a gallon of water yesterday.

…for putting twine through my gate so Duke would stop getting out.

…for saying “it’s ok if we eat sandwiches.”

…for saying “it’s ok” to things that I think are a big deal…like my house being a wreck-sometimes (don’t want people to think I am a slob).

…for taking care of JackJack (the hamster) since he is not safe at my house – Duke sees him as lunch.

…for long hugs when I feel like I am about to lose my head.

…for getting pissed that I have a CT instead of an MRI…I think it was cute.

…for defining the big words to me on a daily basis and being my dictionary by text.

…for saying things like “Okey dokey mi fuego mamacita.” Haha! Goofball!

…for attempting to pop by back even though you know that I will chicken out as soon as you stop or I will tense up so bad it won’t work.

…for sitting through Real Housewives of where ever and trying your hardest not to talk to the TV.

I could go on and on, but I know that everyone, but you is getting kind of sick of the mushy stuff.

So, my love, I just want to leave you with…

You Rock…You’re Awesome…I am so proud of you!

Love Always,
One Lucky Girl!


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