Friday, July 30, 2010


That is really all I can say besides, Thank You!

Can you believe that I had over 200 individual visits to my blog this month? I can’t!

And look at this!

Yeap! That is USA, Canada, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia! Oh MY GOODNESS! That is so awesome! Thank you!

So, I am coming up on my 100th blog entry this week…kind of crazy to think about. I was wondering…is there anything that you want to know?

Come on…don’t be shy…I know some of you read me often. I would love to know what all you little dots want to know and really want to know what the BIG dot up in the Northern Part of the U.S. would like to know. I am an open girl…I don’t mind sharing (well may not mind…I do have some limits).

So, give it a shot! Leave me a comment below (in this blog) you don’t even have to tell me who you are. Then I will either answer in a written blog, or just maybe a Video Blog (oooohhhhhh).

Again, thank you! Even if you spent 2 minutes on here it means the world to me!

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