Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well…I thought you were going to be conservative…

That is what she said when she saw my dream wedding dress.

Me: What? It is very classy.
Her: Well…it’s going to show your tattoos.

I was slightly shocked and a little hurt. I understand people’s views towards tattoos and I see people’s faces change a bit when they notice I have them, but come on this is the last person I would think would have issues with my tattoos. I would have thought she would say, “Who cares what people think, I think you are beautiful.”

Right? Isn’t that what a mother is supposed to say? I love her. I am not bashing my mother at all. She would prefer I wore a dress like this.
I actually sent this to her and she said she love it.

It cracks me up sometimes with her. I seriously believe that she thinks I will walk down the aisle, tattoos exposed and half of my guests will get up and walk out. My tattoos are a part of me, but they are not me. Each of them have a meaning to me (sit still…I am going to tell you) and I wouldn’t remove any of them (maybe rearrange them).

So, to help you not be completely shocked as I walk down the aisle…let me share with you what you will see.

I have two that you will never see. I got them when I was 18. I have flowers above my belly button and a butterfly on my hip. Those I don’t regret, but they were so random…they have no real meaning.

Now the one that you will notice (and still most people have never seen) is this on my left upper arm and shoulder.
My mother is happy I am over this hair phase.
This is my freedom tattoo. It had been twelve years since I had gotten a tattoo, I so badly wanted one and found this online. I showed it to my then husband, Gweedo and his response was “Over my dead body.” So, as soon as we separated I got it! Don’t worry it didn’t kill him (darn it…just kidding).

I always get comments about this one when people see it (which isn’t too often). After my divorce, when it was just me and Shelby in a small apartment, I baked cupcakes like crazy to relieve stress. I was constantly baking. During that time period I got this tattoo. It is my “Shelby” tattoo. She loves it! It’s on my right shoulder blade.

My hot pink bow…you know you’ve seen it. I love when people glance and then have to glance again. Not any really meaning for this. It was offered for me to get a tattoo at the same time as a friend and she would pay for it. This one stuck out (don’t normally buy tattoos from the wall). I had a friend tell me it was my breast cancer awareness bow, maybe.

That is all that you will see as I walk down the aisle, but I wanted to show you one more. This tattoo means the most to me, but sometimes I wish it were somewhere else. It’s on my right leg…yeap…you’ve seen it.
If you know me then you know about James. If you don’t then you can read my blog here. I love this tattoo. It is a wonderful memorial for him, but it also gives me the opportunity to tell others about his story (that makes me happy). At the time when I got this tattoo I couldn’t get through a conversation about him without crying. I am better today, but some days it still stings. I miss him so much. URGH…not going to start.

There you go! Yes, you counted correctly, that is six tattoos. Hope I didn’t tarnish myself image with anyone. I am lucky to have people who love me tattoos and all! 

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