Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You and Me and Five Bucks

You see, Lainie, this is all we need…
a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee…
and a little bit of conversation.
You and me and five bucks

That has to be my favorite scene in that movie. I have watched it so many times due to the fact it is one of my mother’s favorites (she likes the music and the girl who sleeps with everyone.)

In the time JAG and I have been together we have been many places and done many things, but I find that we are best over a cup coffee. We have the best conversations, the best rapport, the best time…just us and coffee.

That is where it all began, in a Starbucks he had a regular black coffee. As I had my typical Non-Fat White Chocolate Mocha no whip I said a little pray that that would be my last first date.

Now I can almost drink coffee black, I was actually able to put down the sweet n’ low last night, but that is a whole other blog topic.

The reason why I am writing this is because I have found another reason to fall even harder for this man…great conversation. Mind challenging, but not overwhelming conversation is the best and that is what I get from him.

Just in case you didn’t know I am a Democrat thru and thru. Even though JAG believes otherwise (he can keep thinking it all he wants) I bleed blue. I think it was just something that was born into me and I have yet to find anyone you can change my mind (he tries). This brings new like to our conversations.(I know…I have read that sentence 3 times and have no idea what I was trying to say, but I don’t want to delete it) It is a joy sometime to disagree, to be able to show him the other side of the coin on issues. To be truthful, he gets passionate about topics that I know nothing about and I end it with “You believe what you believe and I will believe what is right.” I love it. I love that he is so patient with me and doesn’t try to make me feel stupid even when my blonde roots show.

I have longed for a relationship like this one. I remember a couple of years ago listening to my friend Kay describe her relationship with her husband. She said they sit on the back porch and talk…that is all they needed. No fancy restaurants, no movies, no sitter…just him and her. Being that my love language is quality time this was so appealing to me.

I am lucky

I am happy

I am thankful that was given this opportunity

I am grateful that all it takes is a cup of coffee

I am hopeful that it will always be this way.

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