Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raising a Silly Girl

If you were in a 20 mile radius during lunch today you probably heard me scream NO! and then laugh for a good five minutes due to this picture Shelby sent me by text!

Oh No!!! What is this? Is she trying to perfect her Duck Face? Does she not realize how much her mother cannot stand the Duck Face?

Her text said: “Look do I look perty??”

I said: “You are beautiful, but what are you doing with your face? LOLZ Shelby Elizabeth!”

Her response: “I don’t know”

Oh she knows…so I proceeded to tell her I prefer she smiles in pictures and not make goofy faces.

I am lucky because she is still young enough to respond, “ok mommy” and I know I won’t see the Duck Face again from her…hopefully…oh I hope please please please!

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