Friday, June 11, 2010

I Love My China

But I never use it!

I read a blog called Kelly’s Korner (visit it here) on a daily basis.  She has a, I guess you would call it, segment called “Show my Your Life” and today the topic is China patterns.

When I got married I did not register for china because my lovely and wonderful Aunt Becky had given me an entire set that she came across at her antique store.

They are brand that I had hardly heard of called Fukagawa Arita. I have  twelve place settings and tons of serving pieces. I love it, but hardly ever get to use it. They are packed away now in my garage, therefore I had to go onto ebay (which is the only place I can find it these days) to pull the picture you see above.

I feel in love with the simple platinum and white with the cross.  I have paired this set with hot pink and also with red during women’s Christmas dinner at my church.


  1. So pretty! What a great gift from your aunt.

  2. Wow, what a gift =) USE them, you'll never regret it!


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