Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shrek Forever After House Party!

Shelby and I were selected by House Party™ to host a  McDonald’s® McNuggets® and Shrek Forever After™ House Party™.

I haven’t told Shelby yet…I am waiting for the box of stuff to arrive. I think I am more excited about the stuff…look at all the awesome things we get to share with our friends:

1, $75 Arch Cards (this is to buy McNuggets with)
1, Shrek 3 DVD
1, McDonald’s Stage M CD
1, Shrek Forever After Movie Poster
1, Shrek-themed Happy Meal box
2, Shrek collectible glasses (four varieties of glasses will be sent to fulfillment center)
2 sets, Shrek-themed plates (each set includes 8 pieces)
2 sets, Shrek-themed napkins (each set includes 8 pieces) 2 sets, Shrek-themed cups (each set includes 8 pieces)
2 sets, Shrek-themed invites (each set includes 8 pieces) 20, McNuggets of Fun Coin Booklets
2 full sets, Shrek Happy Meal toys (each set includes 8 toys)
15, Shrek Happy Meal watches (four varieties of watches will be sent to fulfillment center)
20, McFlurry Be Our Guest Cards
15 Minute Maid Apple Juice coupons

When I read through it again I get even more excited!

Our party is on May 23rd at 2 pm at my house. Let me know if you want to come, I still have room available!

Shelby and I will make Shrek cupcakes for our guests!

How did I selected you ask? Well about six months ago I received an invitation from Kraft Foods to try out this new opportunity called House Party. It is super simple and they have tons of opportunities. You fill out a small questionnaire and then from there go through the selection process. Visit their website here for more information.

You get to keep everything in your kit. All you have to do is invite some people over and share what you got! Easy!

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