Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Make People Mad

What can I say…it happens.

You know that I have probably made you mad a time or two.

I am passive when they want me to be aggressive.

Aggressive when the want me to be passive.

I speak my mind when they want me to shut up.

And there are time when I won’t speak at all (this really gets them fired up).

I am happy when I should be angry

And angry when I should be happy.

I care when I shouldn’t

And don’t care when I should.

Times when I love to sit and listen to other’s peoples problems.

And times where my problems seem too big to take any more information in.

There are time when my life is crazy

And times when I am bored.

Times when I could talk your ear off by phone

And times when I would rather send a one word text.

This me…sorry. Sorry if I make you angry, but almost 95% of the time it’s not intentional.
 There are only a couple of people that I make it my mission to piss off.

The rest I don’t mean to, really.

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