Friday, April 9, 2010

Things I LOVE This Week!

WARNING: This post is overfull with pictures.

In no particular order here are the things I have enjoyed and have been my “loves” for this week.
Granola & Yogurt for Breakfast

I have gotten on a granola kick and hope to make my own soon! I Love strawberry yogurt with granola and have had it for breakfast all week.

Chick-fil-a’s Chargrilled Chicken and Fruit Salad

Yumm! I found this a couple of months ago while lunching with JAG. I had it again this week. I love this salad. Check out the nutritional data here.

My BIG black sun glasses

I love these. JAG doesn’t, but oh well. I got these at Target!

Stairs in our New Office Building

Even though I still get out of breath, I love having these stairs to get in some exercise.

View from My Office Window

Two walls of my office are windows. I love it. I have yet to turn on the fluorescent overheard lights. I love the natural light in this room and the view is great!

Stickers on My Minivan

Yeap, I have reached official soccer mom status. I found these a few weeks ago. Don’t you love them?

Holding Hands

With JAG of course. I could sit for hours holding his hand.

Cherry Coke Zero
I cannot put into words my love for Coke Zero products especially Cherry Coke Zero!

My Flip Flops
They are not super adorable, but they are so comfortable. I paid $8 for them at Target and I think Lacy paid a lot more for her name brand ones that look almost just the same. I could wear these everyday. You can buy them here. .

Shelby & Beau Sleeping

I love checking on Shelby and seeing her sharing a twin bed with our 50 pound lab mix. He even has in own pillow.

My Playlist
Stumbled across this playlist awhile back and I listen to it everyday. I love all the songs! You too can listen to it here.

Blog Comments from People I Don’t Know
I get really excited when I receive comments from friends, but I get ubber (probably not spelled correctly) excited when I get comments from strangers. WooooHoooo!

Shawni’s Talent Blog
I know I know Shawni Shawni Shawni, but you have to read this entry especially if you have children! LOVE it! Please read it here.

Stephanie Nielson’s Blog
I spent time this week starting from the very beginning and reading through Stephanie’s blog. I love seeing all her pictures and reading her store. I also love this girl’s style about everything. She also has the best shoes! Go check her out here.

To Do Lists

And the fact that I can move it from one day to the other!

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