Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fighting the pudge…what motivates you?

Back in December I posted this picture on my facebook and said how I had lost 30 pounds since December of 2008. I proclaimed at that time I wanted to lose at least another 30 pounds before February. Well, that didn’t happen. I am a foodie and a southern foodie to boot so I love food made with Butter! I wish I could blame Paula Deen for my fat thighs, but I can’t I did this all to myself and know I am faced with the task of getting back on the wagon…I just have to get the motivation to hoist my chunky butt back up there.

I have never been petite I was bless with the Wardlaw family genes, but If I could go back ten years I would kick myself for thinking I was fat. I thought I was huge and did just about anything to lose a few pounds. Then I gain 68 pounds with Shelby! Yeap 68 pounds. Again, I am not blaming Shelby either. I mean the girl is almost nine years old. I blame me.  

You see since I was 18 I worked for Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres. I spent all day everyday focusing on weight; I was always “on the program.” So, when I got pregnant it was a free for all…premission to eat whatever I felt like shoveling in my mouth and since vegetables made me sick it wound up being things that Joe’s Coffee Shop Burger Baskets (if you are local you gotta find a Joe’s. There are two locations…Yummy). I remember my OBGYN’s nurse telling me I would regret gaining all this weight while I was pregnant because it would be difficult to get it off and not to mention totally unhealthy. Again, I regress and I think I could have probably lost all that weight and more if I just got in gear.

So, what motivates you to lose weight?

Is it your health? Do you want to not be short of breath walking across the parking lot? Do you have a mental image of yourself at smaller size? Do you have a picture of what you would like to look like? Do you have a picture of where you never want to be again (like the one at the start of this blog)?

When I used to motivated clients to lose weight we would look at their current weight and then set a number goal weight. Then we would talk about what would be different at that weight. What would they do differently in their day? Would they be able to run for relaxation or fit into a dress from two years ago? Would they walk into a room at their class reunion and still be their high school weight? What would their husband think about the shape they were in? Would their weight loss help their children to live a healthier life style?

See…I can do it. I can motivate anyone to do anything; that is anyone, but me. So what motivates Dana to lose weight? Right now in my life there are a handful of things that should (I say should) motivate me, meaning I am a little motivated, but have to get in gear.
  1. Summer: Not that I will be in a bathing suit this year (I refuse…I don’t care what Lacy says), but I live in Texas and it easier to deal with Texas heat when you are not overweight.
  2. Someday I will get re-married and will possibly have a wedding with pictures (yikes). I think you understand my fear.
  3. If you know me you know my hope for the future is to have more kids (maybe even 4 more) and I want healthy pregnancies. If I start at this weight then it will be more difficult I believe for me.
  4. I have clothes that I have held onto for a few years that I need to get back into. I paid some decent money for them and I can’t bear to part with them.
  5. JAG…NO! The man could care less about my weight, but he is working on getting almost down to his army weight, so I need to get busy too. I don’t want to have a buff man while I am all pudgy…just a personal thing.
  6. Health.
Now that is the list. I am very very visual so I use pictures to motivate myself. I used to want to look like this, until I realized Dayna only weighs 98 pounds.
This Dana will never in a million years weigh 98 pounds. I think this picture motivates me the most, but I was 18 here. I was about 50 pounds lighter then I am now.
I think my ideal weight is about 45 to 50 pounds smaller then where I am currently. So there…I am somewhat motivated. What about you? Are you where you want to be?

Father update

My dad is still doing well. He has developed sores in his mouth that are bugging him. I realized on the way into work this morning that during his next round of chemo they are expecting for him to start losing his hair. It just hit me that that means he will lose his trademark. Meh…my father has had that mustache for 35 years. I have never seen him without it.

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