Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Chapter Closed: Sara

Who is Sara? She was my best friend. Actually this month we would have been friends for 22 years. 22 years, that is over half of my life. Hard to imagine it has been 18 months since we have had a conversation or even seen each other in person.

So, you ask how can a friendship which was more like a sisterhood end. Fast and quick, in the blink of an eye with one phone call it was all over. No repair possible.

Again, I was going to just type it all out, but then I as I was spilling the last 22 years of my life onto paper I decided against it.

Of course…here are the pictures…

Same as all the chapters I close, I wish Sara only the best out of life. I pray that she finds the happiness she deserves. I really wish that we could come to terms with the things that keep us apart not only for our own benefit, but for Shelby’s benefit. It is hard for a seven year old to wonder why “Aunt Sara” isn’t here anymore. And also with the friends we have lost through the years and the effect that had on us you would think that would lead us to cherish our friendship.

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