Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Soundtrack

So lately I have been thinking about music as I am listening to my youtube playlist. I definitely have a soundtrack for my life, do you? This is my think out loud post before I post the real thing.

The soundtrack of my life.

My friend Sara has a quote on her myspace that says When Words Fail Music Speaks. This is so true. For every major event, every relationship, every heart break and every time I have stood up for myself there is a song. Normally during those times I listen to that same damn song over and over again until I am so burn out. Then years later it comes on the radio and suddenly I am right back there. This is a good and a bad thing. So, my goal in the next couple of days is to layout the soundtrack of my life. And hell might is well tell you what event the songs are related too. I may even throw in a few videos and pictures. Starting with this at the of like 7 or 8 months with crazy curly hair. At that time the only music I heard was music from the last 50's early 60's.

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