Thursday, February 19, 2009

If Beth Can Do It!


So last night I was sitting at home on the sofa after pigging out on my mother's apple cobbler. I was sitting there in stuffedness pain (you know what I am talking about) and I get a text from Nicole. "Girl, did you see how much weight Beth has lost on Dog?" So out of curiosity I turned on A&E. I haven't watch Dog in awhile, since before the whole racial crap happened. Any way I turn it on a see this.

What the Hell Happened to BETH? First I thought it was because the chick finally tamed that hair, but then when she stood up I was so wrong.

At that moment full on depression set in. It was like a slap in the face...I have got to do something. Now a small girl I have never been. I was talking to Nicole (geez I hope every blog doesn't mention you, but I am like Nicole this and Nicole that) about being a size 6. I have never been a size 6. My sister got those genes not me. I have always been tall and big. I blame it on my grandmother. I got her body. Big hips, big boobs, big everything. But during the past year since my divorce I have just gotten bigger.

Normally when people get a divorce they loose weight. Not me. The divorce was a good thing, I was happy so I ate. Hell...if I am sad I eat, if I am happy I eat, depressed I eat, able to balance to my check book-must celebrate with Taco Bell! And in the past year I have been lucky enough to be in awesome relationships where people love me for my mind not my body. Well...enough is enough! That attitude had me gained 60 lbs in the last year!!!! 60 lbs that is like a Shelby.

So back to Beth! This girl has done awesome. I mean she went from large lady (see pic in pink shirt) to smokn' chick. I wonder how she did it. Nicole said Lap band, but I don't know...guess I need to google it. I think she looks great.

So today is the day...Thursday, February 19th (BTW it's Nicole's Birthday) Today is the day that I will start. URGH!! DREAD!!! I hate this, but I have to do it. I worked 6 years for Jenny Craig, I know how to do this. I have motivated many many people and help them to their goal weight, I can do this!

Now you must be crazy if you think I am about to tell you how much I weigh. Hell....I won't even post a before picture mainly because I haven't let anyone take any full body shots of me in the past year. Let's just put it this way...I am FAT! I am Tubby! I am Chunky! As my Meme always said "You just have big bones." And if I quote her I have to quote the other one. My Granny would say "You will always be my fat baby." Well, this fat baby is tired of it. I have to get my big ass in gear! I have to loose this weight. So here I go! I am walking during lunch and I guess....if I have to I will count some calories. I am buying a scale today also. last note about Beth. I am happy to report the girl has lost some boobs with her weightloss. Yeah! Thank God I was right those puppies are real! As you can see here before in pink and her now. The twins have gotten smaller too. I always thought it must be hard to carry those things around. Every time I think of her and remember that South Park Episode....HA!Ha! It is so true! Come on you have all wondered how she could see over those boobs! Anyway! I love Beth and I am so happy she has lost the weight. Now it is my turn. Stay tuned!

In the future I should do a post just to see how many times I can reference Nicole...maybe a whole post about the BFF!

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