Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Beginning of StrawberryTart!

So I am not new at this, but I haven't blogged for that long. My prior blog "Making it As A Morrison" ended. The relationship ended so the blog ended.

Now I thought I needed a new blog. Blogging is fun. Kind of diary for the whole world to read.

So the new name StrawberryTart. I did not come up with this at all. I cannot take credit for any of it except that I thought "hey! that's what I will use." My best friend Nicole calls me a StrawberryTart! Let's break that down...why would she call me this.

Well a strawberry tart is a wonderful dessert.
She knows I love dessert, so that is probably why she called me this. Yeah right! She calls me this because she is mean and evil (hee hee!). Let's not get StrawberryTart mixed up with Raspberry tart. Raspberry Tart is a friend of Strawberry Shortcake. Ok now I am just rambling. I have red hair. It is natural, not from a bottle (normally). That is where the strawberry part comes from. But seriously she called me a tart first before she started calling me StrawberryTart.

So let's define tart. Yeap I googled it! Robin Nicole Adams!!! Here are the definitions...

prostitute: a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
a small open pie with a fruit filling
lemony: tasting sour like a lemon
a pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust
sharp: harsh; "sharp criticism"; "a sharp-worded exchange"; "a tart remark"

Let me make one thing really clear...I have had a crazy past, but I have NEVER EVER (at least I don't think) taken Money for sexual intercourse! But pretty much my friend thinks I more represent this kind of tart.

So this blog will not be about my conquests as a TART, but about my life and my day to day thoughts of being a single mom at the age of 31. Dating again possibly finding Mr. Right or maybe not. It is just going to be me all out there for the world to see (well most of it.)


  1. cool. I will have to add you to my list of blogs to read :)

  2. yummmm do you know how much i want a tart right now????? i'm so glad you made this blog!


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